Off the garbage dump and into school!

C4A has recently approved a new classroom building project in Lodwar, Kenya at the New Hope Children’s Centre, sponsored by Share International Inc. The centre provides “new hope” for the “garbage dump” children of this town in this isolated community in the barren area of north-east Kenya. The classroom project involves building a multipurpose education room with facilities on each end. Around 30 children have so far been rescued off the city’s garbage dump in desperate condition. They now are cared for at the centre and attend school. The project is partnering with Open Schools Worldwide, which provides special curriculum for students who have had little or no education, preparing them for entry into regular grades. Training for this was provided in September by trainers and is now being implemented by the teachers at New Hope. It is good when organizations work together to provide for the needs of children such as this. Thank you donors from Canada for the funds to build the classroom space!

Some of the children off  the garbage dump

Some of the rescued boys at the centre;  teacher training in September

Land where the New Hope is located

Erecting a fence to protect the coming building