Opening of Early Learning Classrooms!

In October 2013 representatives of C4A from Canada attended the opening of the new Early Learning block at Aunt Elvi Mikkola Christian School in Rukungiri, Uganda. What a privilege to share is such an occasion! Thank you donors from Canada who have played a part in making this all possible.

The young students eagerly sang welcome songs outside their new classrooms
then went inside the rooms where they now learn in very pleasant surroundings

Compare to the old temporary facility they were housed in before!

Older students in classrooms built previously through C4A also welcomed the visitors.

Inside and outside the classrooms teachers and staff had improved the learning spaces
with attractive murals and teaching aids.

Even the back and sides of buildings reflected the care taken.

Flags from the sponsoring countries moved gently in the breeze while the school directors, board members and project manager mirrored the happiness and love that emanated from the whole school campus.