Classrooms at Ebenezer Bright, Uganda, Now Complete!

Since July 2013 the Ebenezer Bright Primary school in Kirinda has been a hive of activity with building new classrooms. Next school year some of the grades will now have a roof over their heads, replacing the trees and sky! The project manager, school founder and pastor to the community, sent the latest photos showing the brightly finished building. More pictures will follow when students occupy the rooms in January at the start of the 2014 school year begins. Thank you donor from Alberta, Canada!
See below for pictures of the school when we visited in October 2013.

Some C4A representatives visited the Ebenezer Bright campus in October to see how the building was progressing. These are some of the pictures of students and staff on a campus that emanated with peace, anticipation and love. Thank you for welcoming us, Ebenezer!