Good Samaritan Continues the Good Work

In May 2014 Good Samaritan Community School in the border village of Kamuli, Uganda, was granted further funds by Classrooms for Africa to continue the classroom project built in 2013 with donations from Western Canada ACSI schools (see earlier posts).

This new venture will include the construction of two more classrooms and finishings of cement floors, ceilings, doors and windows with glass. It will also provide a cement walkway outside the classrooms to keep down the mud during the rainy season.

The school currently enrolls over 400 students from pre-school through grade 7 and is the only opportunity for education in this remote location. Currently many of the students are housed in temporary wood-slatted buildings. However the new brick classrooms, due for completion before the end of this school year, will provide protection from the elements and a secure learning environment for the children.

Thank you donors from Western Canada for making this project possible. We are also grateful to the Canadian school which is raising funds for more desks to supplement those they have already given. In addition donors are providing funds for a fence which will keep the local cattle from trampling across the campus!