Due to the high number of approved projects waiting for donors no new applications are being accepted at this time

Please note the following information on Classrooms for Africa's mandate:

  • Classrooms for Africa is aimed specifically at providing basic classroom space in needy communities. Schools/organizations that wish to go beyond providing basic classroom space are of course free to do so but at their expense.
  • Classrooms for Africa's policy is that a usable classroom must be provided through a grant. If funds in addition to Classrooms for Africa's grant are needed, then the school needs to clearly show that the funds are on hand or available.
  • Classrooms for Africa only takes on small, manageable projects or a portion of a larger project that can be completed to the point at which it can be occupied.
  • Classrooms for Africa has a responsibility to its donors to make sure a grant will result in providing usable classroom space.
  • Classrooms for Africa's only source of funds is its donors. Any qualifying application needs to be promoted by Classrooms for Africa to its donors. It can take a while for a donor to be found for any given project. For this reason, the time period between submitting an application and being funded will vary. In addition, there is no guarantee that a project will eventually be funded if no donor comes forward.

Is Your Project Eligible for a Grant?
Classrooms for Africa takes into account factors such as:

  • The school has successfully operated for a minimum of two years;
  • The school is operated by a credible Christian-based organization;
  • A strong desire to provide quality Christian education;
  • The age and number of students being served;
  • Evidence of strong community support;
  • A clear statement of the buidling project and how it will benefit the school;
  • The operators of the school must have ownership or long-term lease of the land on which the classroom(s) will be built;
  • The school is a not-for-profit venture. We do not give donated funds to a business initiative;
  • Location– currently the focus is on Eastern and Southern Africa.