Sadness into Joy

In July our Executive Director Kory, together with his wife, Heather, sister Tanya and brother-in-law Dwayne, journeyed to Uganda to visit some Classrooms for Africa projects and in particular take part in the celebration held at Rwentutu Christian School in honour and commemoration of Kory’s and Tanya’s mother Meg, who sadly passed away 24 years ago. Joining the group were Heather’s brother Kevin and sister-in-law Michelle.

Rwentutu Christian School has received several classroom blocks funded through Classrooms for Africa over the past 10 years. In 2018 funds were procured to build a multi-purpose hall/learning centre for the use, not only of the school, but also as a centre for programs aimed at empowering the local community. The dedication of the MEG Hall and the launching of the MEG Community Outreach Program was the focus of the celebration on July 12.

Among the programs being offered and planned, the MEG Community Outreach Program will teach adult literacy, good nutrition, personal hygiene and sanitation, family planning, gardening and farming skills, child raising, financial skills, entrepreneurship and small business skills. On Sundays the building is being used used as a worship centre for the community.

The celebration was attended by members of the Rwentutu Christian School community, local dignitaries, educators from nearby schools and directors of the MEG Outreach Program. The occasion turned sadness at the loss of a dear mother into a very meaningful and joyous time. Together they celebrated the progress being made in educating and empowering the local community with joy, humour, singing and dancing.

Thank you donors who have made such a difference to a remote, impoverished community in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains!