Climbing the Mountain!

For the past few years Classrooms for Africa has worked with Matere Model Primary School which is located near the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in central Western Uganda. The local Church of Uganda has a ministry in the area and started the school in 2012 to help meet the need for education for the children. Rev. Jozeti, Rector and School Director, applied to Classrooms for Africa for help to build some permanent classrooms for the school. He described the plight of the community as follows:

“In the 1960’s unrest in the area resulted in homesteads being burned down. Several armies fought in the area which became a hiding place for rebel activities. In addition, natural disasters which were endured included heavy rainfall and storms, land slides which destroyed crops, homes, school and local hospital. In these circumstances disease flourished, transportation and communication services were very poor and there was school building. The community has been forgotten by main-stream society and the authorities”.

In November 2016 representatives from Classrooms for Africa visited this remote school. The group were deeply impacted by the conditions under which the community was trying to survive. The students were attending classes sitting on the ground under the trees and in the very small church building. It was decided that Classrooms for Africa would do all they could to help in a practical way by funding the building of permanent classrooms.

During the course of 2017 - 2018 Classrooms for Africa completed two three-classroom blocks at the school.

In early May this year, our donors provided the funds to build four more classrooms and an office/storage are to complete the school. In June this year representatives of Classrooms for Africa will “ascend the mountain” to attend a dedication service for the buildings and to celebrate with the local community. Below is a portion of what Rev. Jozeti recently wrote to us:

“On behalf of our community and on my own, I also write to extend our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you and Classrooms for Africa for your innermost compassion, love, concern you have shown us.

In Mathew 15:29-32, there are these phrases; 
1. "Jesus then went up on a mountainside." Iike Classrooms for Africa went up on our mountainside to save us.
2. 29:32 Jesus himself said, " I have compassion for for these people." Like Classrooms for Africa have had compassion for us.
3. Mathew 29: 33 His disciples asked, "Where could we get bread in this remote place?" Like many people asked, where could transformation to this remote area come from. 

….. we make a flashback of how we had resorted to closing the school as we were directed by Government officials because of lack of minimum standards despite the good enrollment of pupils and the need of the school we had in the area, we really praise God for His Providence through you. The school is already licenced by (the ) ministry of education.

The disciples wanted to send people a way but Jesus intervened. Like our school was going to disappear but Jesus intervened through you.

Our words are really not enough to express our happiness and thanks. Thank you for offering another big building for to us.

Many blessings.”
Sincerely Jozeti Baluku and the community at large.

Thank you, faithful donors, for making such a difference in the lives of this community and for bringing hope for the future to their children.