The Journey at NISSI

In a small rural village in south-western Uganda is the community school of NISSI Christian Junior School. Elisha is the young pioneer who has blazed the way during the school's journey over the past 3 years. After a long patient wait to be accepted as a possible recipient of financial support through Classrooms for Africa, in June 2016 representatives of the NGO visited the school and found a very large welcome awaiting them. 

They toured the existing school "facilities", listened to eager students singing songs of welcome and met the leaders and teachers at the school.  The school at that time had over 300 students enrolled and offered Nursery through Grade 5.

By the end of that year, a donor was found who provided funds to build the first block of three classrooms, which were completed by June of 2017. Classrooms for Africa representatives attended the opening celebrations of that building. To help furnish the classrooms, Christian school communities in Western Canada collected funds to purchase desks for older students and seats and tables for the youngest students. 

In June 2018, NISSI celebrated the opening of a second block of 5 classrooms with much fan-fare and marching students to escort the visitors who were very impressed to see the growth of the school in terms of enrolment, quality of education and performance of students in state exams. 

The local community is very supportive of the school. Local government officials have donated a water collection tank which is of great benefit during the dry months. In addition, members of the community make the uniforms for students to wear. Thank  you, donors, for making a huge and long-term difference in the lives of the NISSI community.