The Graduates!

Many schools in Africa begin their 2018 school year in late January or early February. By then the students who wrote examinations at the end of the previous year have received their long-awaited results and can proceed to the next grade.

One of the serendipities of building permanent classrooms, which Classrooms for Africa and its donors have witnessed, is the improved level of performance by students who have improved classrooms to study in.  

Many of the schools have reported an improvement in their students' performance on the state exams. One school wrote:  "The term one of 2018 is about to start on 5th Feb 2018. it is a busy time and we are excited with what god has for Vineyard in 2018.  We are expecting enrollment to increase to over 400 this year. This is also coupled with the fact that Vineyard ranked amongst the best five schools in Teso region in the last national exams."

Another reported that "The results of Primary Leaving Examinations came out and our pupils managed to perform well we managed to obtain first and Second Grades only".

A third writes "In S.3, who are the S.4 candidates in 2018, had 4 students in 1st Grade with aggregate of 20 points, the second with 22 points, the third had 26 points and the Fourth has 30 points. The majority of the S.3 students passed in Grade Two and Three respectively. Few are in Division Four and only 2 students have failed and cannot make it to S.4 next year. The results for S.2 and S.1 are all showing improvement in teaching and performance."

Below are some photos of graduates from just a few of the schools Classrooms for Africa has been privileged to assist by providing permanent classrooms and learning spaces.