Visit to various C4A projects

In May 2012 C4A representatives visited seven projects in South Africa and Uganda. At two recently completed buildings were officially opened and dedicated.They identified several new projects  and were updated on the progress and welfare of schools where projects were completed in recent years.

Completed Projects
Living Faith Christian School, Mmbatho, South Africa

Project Started: February 2011            Completed: December 2011
Building in full use May 2012 – 40 preschoolers!
Building made possible by donations from Christian teachers in Western Canada

Gateway Christian School, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Project Started: April 2011            Completed: October 2011
Building in full use October 2011 – 80 Grade 5 and 6 students!
Building made possible by donation from a private donor in Western Canada. 

Starting Projects – 2012
Eagle’s Wings High School, Lukaya, Uganda

Started: May 2012 Latest Photo: June 2012

Hope High School Dormitory Block, Masaka, Uganda

Started: May 2012 Latest Photo: June 2012