Kamuli Village, Rakai District, Uganda will have permanent classrooms in 2013

The small village of Kamuli, on the border of Tanzania and in the district of Rakai, Uganda, will have permanent classrooms for the first time this year, after struggling with old wooden shacks, sharing space in the church building and sitting under trees in good weather. The schools offers a Christian education curriculum to the over 200 pre-school through Grade 4 students it enrolls and is a member of the Uganda Christian Schools Association and registered with the Ugandan authorities. Since breaking ground in December 2012, the building director has moved full steam ahead and shared the following latest photos of the project. A student team from Western Canada will visit the school this Spring and assist in building as well as offering activities for the children of the village. Funds for the project were provided by ACSIWC teachers and their school communities through Classrooms for Africa.