A Busy 2013!

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Classrooms for Africa is so far involved in 11 projects in 2013. They are all due for completion this year. They are located in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Here is news of one of these projects which is now starting. An Early Education classroom block is being built at Aunt Elvi Mikkola Primary School, located in the Rukungiri area of Western Uganda. It offers grades Nursery (Junior Kindergarten) through Grade 7 to the over 350 students enrolled. The teachers are receiving ongoing support and professional development by a local NGO. C4A is sponsoring this project where two years ago they built a four classroom block for older students. The new block will replace the very inadequate and dilapidated structures currently used by the youngest grades. The community is very supportive of the school’s efforts and it is a joy to see the enthusiasm and happiness on the faces of the young children. See images below.

Updates of this and other 2013 projects will be posted on this blog.