The Story of a School in Africa

Good Samaritan Community Primary School in the small remote village of Kamuli, Rakai District of South Western Uganda on the Tanzanian Border was started by a local pastor who reached out to the impoverished community when he was inspired by the amazing work being done in another small village in Rakai. With a heart heavy for the well-being and future of the children with no school or means of education, he used the local church building as the first classroom and a temporary wooden structure to house the over 100 children in the lower primary grades. Some classes were held under the trees. In 2012 he appealed to Classrooms for Africa for funds to construct some permanent classrooms. Below we have a picture story of the history of Classrooms for Africa’s involvement at Good Samaritan. By November 2014, after promoting the need and receiving funds from from Christian schools in Western Canada and private donors, the community has been able to complete a five-classroom block. Work goes on with toilets being built, fencing erected to keep out the local cattle, and desks provided by a small school in Canada. In addition Classrooms for Africa has joined hands with Child Care International to ensure sponsorship for children unable to pay the minimal school fees. The now over 350 students in pre-school through Grade Seven have safe weatherproof classrooms in which to learn. Thank you all supporters  of this project! Click here for update post.