What we do

Classrooms for Africa is a positive approach to the ongoing social-economic problems that plague sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is that in the next ten years over 15,000 children will receive a quality values-based education in adequate facilities as a result of our projects.

This can be accomplished through the construction of three hundred new classrooms and the training of teachers who will be educating students in these classrooms. With an average cost of $8,000 per classroom, our budget forecast is $2.4 million. Location and cost of building materials affect costs; classrooms can cost $8,000 to $11,000.

A single classroom can have a profound impact on a child, community, and country.
— Kory Sorensen, Executive Director

Who We Are

Classrooms for Africa is a registered non-profit organization in Canada, and donations are tax-receiptable. Classrooms for Africa is run by a  board committed to providing educational opportunities for the disadvantaged. We do not have any full-time employees; our work is made possible by a team of volunteers and part-time staff.

What we do

Classrooms for Africa provides assistance to communities in Africa who have taken on the challenge of providing education for underprivileged children. In conjunction with ACSI Western Canada schools and other donors, Classrooms for Africa provides grants to help build classrooms and other school buildings. In addition, it connects schools to Christian teacher training and resources.

  • Classrooms for Africa is aimed specifically at providing basic classroom space in needy communities. Schools/organizations that wish to go beyond providing basic classroom space are free to do so at their expense. 
  • Classrooms for Africa's policy is that a usable classroom must provided through a grant. If funds in addition to Classrooms for Africa's grant are needed, then the school needs to clearly show that the funds are on hand or available. 
  • Classrooms for Africa only takes on small, manageable projects or a portion of a larger project that can be completed to the point at which it can be occupied. 
  • Classrooms for Africa has a responsibility to its donors to make sure a grant will result in providing usable classroom space.

Our Other Projects

  • We promote larger projects, outside of our normal range, to donors. 
  • We connect schools and educators in North America with schools and educators in Africa including teacher/student exchanges.
  • We organize "discovery" tours for educators and donors interested in seeing first-hand the impact that one classroom can make in a community.

What We've Achieved So far

Since starting in 2008, Classrooms for Africa has undertaken over 100 building projects, completing approximately 340 classrooms including offices, storerooms and administration blocks, as well as training over 400 teachers. They have benefited close to 15,000 students and their teachers in 59 schools located in eight countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Metrics of Impact

  • $20 can provide a desk for a student
  • $800 can furnish a classroom
  • $6,000 can build a kitchen area from which the children and staff could be fed.
  • $11,000 can build a classroom
  • $40,000 can build a dormitory to accommodate 100-120 students.
  • $130,000 can build an elementary school that would accommodate at least 350-400 children or a high school for 250-300 students.