St. Mary's Kabukolwa
Primary School,
Lwengo District, Uganda

Project Needing Funds: 

Construction of a four-classroom block



Local Contribution:

Volunteer labour


St. Mary's Kabukolwa Primary School was established in 1997 by the Catholic Diocese of Masaka to provide education for children in the very poor Kabukolwa Village area.  There were estimated to be over 530 parentless and vulnerable children who were not able to afford fees for the local government schools.  

As a result of the re-drawing of district boundaries by the national government, Kabukolwa Village fell under the newly formed Lwengo District.  The Masaka Catholic Diocese, under which the school previously fell, withdrew its support and gave the school over to the local community.

Today the school, which covers all 10 grade levels of Nursery-Primary education, is situated on two acres of land owned by the school. It enrolls over 600 students and has a few permanent buildings which are totally inadequate to accommodate all the students and grade levels.  The immediate need is to provide a four-classroom block to help house the students in Grade 1 though 4. Application was made to Classrooms for Africa for help to fund this proposed classroom block. 

Representatives from Classrooms for Africa have visited the school and recommend  the project to their donors.
























Lwengo District, Uganda