Faith Alive Academy
Kitgum, Uganda 

A joint project with Child Care International

Project Completed: 

2015- Twelve classrooms funded through Child Care International (Canada)


Faith Alive Academy in Alango Parish in the Kitgum District of Uganda, was started in 2011 and currently enrols over 250 students in junior kindergarten through grade 3. The school is situated on land owned by the Faith Alive Foundation, a local charity committed to working with underprivileged children. Two classroom blocks have already been built to accommodate the three Nursery grades and Grade 1 through 3 . A third block now needs to be completed which will enable the school to offer a complete primary education up to Grade 7. Faith Alive Foundation in conjunction with Child Care International sponsors and operates the school.

The school was started to provide a secure and structured learning environment to the children living in the displaced persons camps in the Kitgum area of northern Ugandan. The camps grew out of the 20 years of war and instability caused by the Lord's Resistance Army which raged in the area. 


Kitgum, Uganda