Beauty from Ashes

Creamland Nursery and Primary School is a sanctuary to many children born in the Kireka slum in Kampala, Uganda. The parents of these children were refugees from the war-torn north of the country at a time when many villages were pillaged and burned and students kidnapped as child-soldiers to fight in the Lord's Resistance Army. Many people fled to the city, settling in the Kireka area. The inhabitants have struggled against poverty and are unable to provide for their children. The Creamland school was started by a local charity group to help provide education for the children of the area. When Classrooms for Africa visited the school in 2015, the few classrooms on the campus were very inadequate and needed to be renovated or completed. The playground area was unmade, which presented a problem in the rainy season, with water and mud running into the classrooms. Silvacom, a business in Edmonton, Alberta, donated funds to complete the classrooms, making them secure and weather proof and to pave the yard with cement blocks and build walkways. Silvacom staff also held fund-raising events which provided funds for the school to make desks for the students. Pictures below tell the story. Thank you, Silvacom, for making such a significant difference in the lives of these young students!