Lajalula Primary School, Uganda

Projects in Progress:

Three-classroom block

Projects Completed:

2018 - Three-classroom block funded by donors from the U.K.


Lajalula Primary School is located in a rural area of Amuru, north east of the town of Gulu. This area was devastated by years of war and social upheaval as the Lord’s Resistance Army raided local communities and kidnapped children to serve in their army. Villages and crops were burned to the ground and many atrocities took place.  Today the area is slowly recovering, although many people still live in extreme poverty and some in ongoing refugee centres.

The school provides a hope for the future by providing values-based education to the local children who would otherwise remain illiterate. When representatives from Classrooms for Africa visited the school in May 2016, classes were held in a few dilapidated mud and stick structures. Funds were raised through a foundation in the U. K. and  by January 2017 construction began on the first of two classroom blocks. This first block was completed by April 2018 and second in 2019.






















Amuru District, Uganda