Lajalula Primary School, Uganda

Project In Progress: 

Contruction of a three-classroom block currently under construction. A second block is planned.

Local Contribution:

Bricks, sand, foundation and some volunteer labour have been provided by the community


Lajalula Primary School is located in a rural area of Amuru, north east of the town of Gulu. This area was devestated by years of war and social upheaval as the Lord’s Resistance Army raided local communities and kidnapped children to serve in their army. Villages and crops were burned to the ground and many atrocities took place.  Today the area is slowly recovering, although many people still live in extreme poverty and some in ongoing refugee centres.

The school provides a hope for the future by providing values-based education to the local children who would otherwise remain illiterate.

The school has a few dilapidated mud and stick buildings to serve as classrooms although it owns the land.

Representatives from Classrooms for Africa visited the school in May 2016 to assess the school’s situation and recommend it for funding to build permanent classrooms on the property.






















Amuru District, Uganda