Bana Hill Primary School, Amuru District, Uganda

Project Needing Funds: 

Three-classroom block



Local Contribution:

Bricks, sand, foundation and some volunteer labour have been provided by the community


Bana Hill Community School is located in the rural Bana Trading Centre in the Amuru District of Uganda, east of the town of Gulu.

This area was devestated by years of war and social upheaval as the Lord’s Resistance Army raided local communities and kidnapped children to serve in their army. Villages and crops were burned to the ground and many atrocities took place.  Today the area is slowly recovering, although many people still live in extreme poverty and some in ongoing refugee centres.

The school started in 2008 with the help of local community as the nearest public school is over 27 km away, too far for students to travel each day. The school provides a hope for the future by providing values-based education to the local children who would otherwise remain illiterate.

Present enrolment is 285 students, age 6 – 15 years. The school offers the primary grades ofP1 through P7 and is supportive of a Christian approach to education.

Classes are held in a semi-permanent building which is is very bad shape, but the land on which the school is situated is owned by the school management board.






















Amuru District, Uganda