Good Shepherd Junior School,
Kirembo, Kasese District, Uganda

Project Needing Funds: 

Three-classroom block and office



Local Contribution:

Locally sourced building materials and volunteer labour


Good Shepherd Junior School was started in 2012 in Kirembo Trading Centre by the Kirembo Catholic Church in Kasese Diocese. The school lies on one acre of land owned by the diocese. Presently the school has 8 temporary wood and grass structures which serve as classrooms and two unfinished brick classrooms. The offices are located in a mud and stick building. These "buildings" house 10 primary school grade levels from pre-school through Grade 7. Currently over 260 students are enrolled which is the capacity for the present temporary buildings. There is no doubt enrollment will rise dramatically when permanent full-sized classrooms are constructed.

The community is very poor with most families being subsistence farmers. The school is well supported by the local parish and the community.

Representatives from Classrooms for Africa have visited the school and recommend the project to their donors.
























Kasese District, Uganda