Tirrim Secondary School
Korr, Kenya

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Project Needing Funds: 

Construction of a four classroom block


$70,000 (Canadian)

NOTE: the harsh environment of this remote school requires transportation for about 500 kilometres from the suppliers in Nairobi and the use of steel and concrete for construction. These factors result in high building costs.

Local Contribution:

Labour and supervision by qualified builder


Tirrim High School is located in northern Kenya near the town of Korr. The school started in 2009 under the auspices of the Africa Inland Church. Since 2013 it has offered education to Form One through Form 4 students (Grades 9-12) and has an enrolment of 120. 

The school serves the children of the semi-nomadic Rendille people in a semi-desert and very harsh natural environment. Classrooms for Africa helped fund the construction of classrooms at the Tirrim Nomadic Primary and Tirrim Primary Schools in recent years. 

Presently the living rooms of two houses provide the secondary schools' only secure classroom and science laboratory space. Classrooms and support buildings are desperately needed to ease the present cramped conditions and to allow many more waiting students to be enroled. The need is great!




























Tirrim High School, Korr, Northern Kenya.