Matere Model Nursery/Primary School,
Kasese District, Uganda

Project In Progress:

Construction of a four-classroom block is currently in underway. Construction of six more classrooms is planned.

Building materials: bricks, cement, sand, wood, iron sheets, steel doors and windows.

Local Contribution:

Bricks, volunteer labour


Matere Model Nursery and Primary School is located in a remote rural area of Kasese District of Uganda, in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. The school started in 2012 and enrolsaround 218 students 3 to 14 years of age, offering all Nursery and the first 6 Primary grades (Pre-K – Grade 6).  It is operated by the Nyakaginogo Anglican Parish (Church of Uganda), Rwenzori Diosese, which owns the land on which the school is situated.

The church operates two schools as part of its community program and seeks to support the impoverished community which has suffered lack of basic services due to remoteness, government neglect, wars in the area and some environmental calamities. Apart from providing basic education,  the church is also committed to pastoral care and health services. 

Presently the school has only two incomplete classrooms. Those students who cannot be accommodated in the two rooms meet under the trees or when the weather is bad, squeeze into the small church building.

School and church authorities have applied to Classrooms for Africa for help.









Kasese District, Uganda