St. Valerian Primary School
Serere, Uganda

Project Needing Funds:

School buildings consisting of 7 classrooms plus office/storage area. Stage One of this project is a three-classroom block.


Entire school: $100,000
Stage One: $30,000

Local Contribution:

The parents and community are committed to assist in any way they can including: clearing the site, making bricks and volunteering labour.


In 1990 the Order of Little Sisters of Kidetok started St. Francis Comprehensive Girls' School in Serere, Soroti District,  to educate young girls. Because of the lack of educational opportunities in the area and as a result of pressure from parents, the school agreed to enroll boys as well. The vision for a school just for girls has always remained the long-term goal of the Order. Land has been acquired a few kilometres from the present site with the intention of building a new campus. The existing school will continue to operate.

Currently the school enrolls approximately 400 students in Grade 1 through Grade 7. About 60% of the current student population are girls and it has been established there is a long waiting list of girls wanting to enroll.

The area, like much of Northern and Eastern Uganda, was devastated by fighting in the 1990's and early 2000's. Peace was established about10 years ago and the communities was gradually re-establishing themselves, although the economy remains basically subsistence agriculture.

On two occasions in 2017 representatives from Classrooms for Africa met with Sister Akiror Mary Grace to discuss the project. Her commitment to the children, especially the girls, of the Soroti district was very evident.







Serere, Soroti District, Uganda