St. Paul's Primary School
Naigobya, Uganda

Project Completed: 

2016 - Construction of two classrooms and dining area funded by donors in Western Canada

Local Contribution: 

Bricks and labour provided by the local community


St. Paul's Primary School is in the village of Naigobya about 50 km northeast of Jinja in Uganda. It is located on land owned by the Church of Uganda, and is operated by the Afayo Project, a non-profit organization that trains teachers, promotes community empowerment, and runs a farming initiative. The community, although very poor, started the school five years ago. Due to lack of funds it struggled to survive until 2013 when Afayo took it over. Since that time enrolment has increased to over 330 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 7. The school has three small temporary wooden classrooms for grades 1- 3. In addition it has managed, with the help of donated funds, to lay the foundations for a five classroom block, of which three are completed and are currently being used for the grade 4 - 6 students. A fourth classroom is nearly complete and a fifth still needs to be built. The kindergarten classes meet in the small church building where different classes are taught in the same learning space. The students are fed a meal each school day using produce grown from the farming project. 

In March 2015, representatives of Classrooms for Africa visited the school, met with the leaders, and toured the property. They were impressed by the efforts that are being made to serve the students and the excellent farming project. It was clear that the teachers are doing a good job in spite of difficult circumstances. More classroom space is needed.






















Niagobia, Iganga District, Uganda