St. Paul Musekera Nursery and Primary School
Kasese District, Uganda

Project In Progress: 

Construction of twoclassrooms and administration space.

Completed Projects:

2016-17 - Completion of three-classrooms block 

2018 - Completion of three-classroom block

Local Contribution:

Bricks, volunteer labour


St. Paul Musekera Nursery and Primary School is situated in a very remote community in the foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda. The school was established in 2009 by the local Christian community with the aim of providing literacy and numeracy to the children of the area. The nearest school is nearly a two hour walk away down the mountain. 

Currently the school enrols 290 students in Nursery through Grade 7. Some of the children are housed in an incomplete three-classroom block build by the parents. One class operated in the church building and the other are in old semi-permanent structures built with wattle and mud.  The land is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Kasese.    

The community is based on subsistence agriculture with a few adult males travelling away from home for work. In June 2016 representatives of Classrooms for Africa visited the community and school. They met with the community and church leaders, parents and school staff. In addition they visited the classrooms and toured the school site. The level of commitment shown by the local community was very impressive. They had started building classrooms and provided the bricks, stone-fill and labour for the project. 

Later that year, funds were obtained to complete the building which was occupied by the students at the start of the 2017 school year.

In 2017 Classrooms for Africa sponsored the construction of more classrooms which were completed by March 2018 and occupied by students early in the new school year. Representatives of Classrooms for Africa visited the school in June 2018 and attended the official opening celebrations of the new building. 







Kasese District, Uganda