St. Francis Primary School
Karujumba, Uganda

Projects Completed:

2015 - Construction of a four-classroom block funded by donors from Western Canada

2016 - Construction of a three-classroom block funded by donors from Western Canada

2017 - Construction of classroom/ administration block funded by donors in Western Canada


St. Francis Primary School falls under the Catholic Diocese of Kasese and was started in 2010 by concerned parents, with the help of the local parish, who wanted to provide a solid education grounded on Christian principles. It enrols over 250 students from pre-kindergarten through grade 7, many of whom are from disadvantaged homes or have lost one or both parents. Grade 7 students who graduate from this primary school attend St. Jude Secondary School on the adjacent property. Because the community is so poor, the only accommodation preciously offered at St. Francis is a row of mud and stick classrooms with tin roof covering. The floors are mud and the rooms have no doors or windows, only openings in the mud walls. 


Karujumba, Kasese District, Uganda