St. Clare Vocational Training Centre
Mpigi, Uganda

Project Needing Funding: 

Four vocational teaching rooms and an expanded training kitchen


$42,000 (could be broken into two phases of approximately $22,000 each)

Local Contribution:

Volunteer labour will be provided by the school community


St. Clare Vocational Training Centre in Kankobe is located 3 km off the Kampala-Masaka road about 83 km from Kampala in the grounds of the Kankobe Children's Home. Both operate under the Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala. The Centre is a ministry of the Child Welfare and Adoption Society, a Kampala-based charity working in Uganda since 1958, which takes care of orphans starting at infancy. The children who are not adopted are raised in the Kankobe Children's Home after reaching Grade 1 and can remain until the high school years. St. Clare's was started in 2001 to help girls from the Kankobe Home become self-supporting by giving them marketable skills. They offer two-year courses in catering and hospitality, tailoring and design, hairdressing, computer training, textiles and art and crafts. Currently 60 girls are enrolled which includes some from the local community. The school is registered withthe Ministry of Education and Sports and is a member of the Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions. It also is an accredited assessment centre.
























Kankobe, Mpigi District, Uganda