St. Charles Lwanga Primary School
Fort Portal, Uganda

Project Needing Funds:

Eight permanent classrooms - there can be built two to four at a time.


Eight classrooms: $80,000 at $10,000 per classroom

Local Contribution:

The parents and community have already made some of the bricks and are committed to making the rest when needed. The community has indicated they will be providing volunteer labour throughout the project.


St. Charles Lwanga Primary school is situated in the town of Fort Portal, the main centre of the Toropeople, in Kabarole District, Western Uganda.

At the request of the local bishop, the Sisters of Mary Immaculate sent staff to open a nursery school on a property the Catholic church owned close to downtown. The school was very successful and in 2004 the Order was asked to add develop a primary school on an adjacent property. The primary school has grown and now enrols 450 students in grades 1 through 7. Classes are very large. In a visit made by Classrooms for Africa representatives in June 2017, they saw as many as 85 students in one classroom! 

More classrooms are urgently needed to relieve the over-crowding in the school and to provide schooling for additional needy students who have been identified by the church.

The school is well run by the Sisters of Mary.  The Principal, Sr. Mwangi Mary, is supported by the local priest who serves as Director of the school, as well as a strong Parent Management Committee.

Students who attend the school come from the urban area of Fort Portal and the surrounding rural communities and reflect a broad socio-economic spectrum.








Fort Portal, Uganda