Bright Lillies Nursery/Primary School
Soroti, Uganda

Project Needing Funds:

School building in stages. The first stage is a three-classroom block.


$130,000 entire school
$30,000 first stage - three-classroom block $10,000 each classroom

Local Contribution:

Bricks, volunteer labour


The Soroti area along with other regions in the east and north of Uganda was devastated by decades of war. In recent years peace has come to the area and people are rebuilding their communities. In 2008 James and Norah Eparu, both from the Soroti area, established Nurture a Child Uganda (NACHU), a registered not-for-profit organization to support orphans by providing shelter, food, medical care, education, protection and advocacy. The organization does receive some support from both the local and international community to help meet the needs of the children. 

The children under their care have been attending local schools but the founders have long had the dream to start a school that will be based on Christian values better able to meet the specific needs of the children. 

NACHU has been in contact with Classrooms for Africa since 2014. In early 2015 representatives visited the project and discussed possible assistance once a school had been started. After much planning, Bright Lillies Nursery and Primary School was started in February 2016. In June 2016 a futher visit showed that good progress has been made and that the school is now up and running.

The school, which has been issued a temporary operating license uses a rented house for classes. The rooms are very small and children are crammed into the space. There are currently about 150 students enrolled in Nursery through Grade 5.  
NACHU has secured and paid for a piece of land approximately 1 km from the current site with the intention of building permanent classrooms. They have constructed a house on the new property which accommodates the founders and older orphans. Classrooms for Africa visited the new site and reviewed the proposed plans and recommend support for the construction of classrooms for the school.








Soroti, Uganda