Vineyard Christian School
Soroti, Uganda

Projects Completed:

2016 - Six classrooms completed and upgraded funded by donors from Western Canada

2017 - Two-classroom/administration block funded by donors from Western Canada

Local Contribution: 

Labour and bricks were provided by the school community


The Soroti region of Uganda experience the negative effect of wars in the area from 1980 through 2004. Many children were traumatized and/or orphaned and AIDS  also took a toll on the parents’ generation. 

Vineyard school was started in 2008 by Christian parents to provide the children in this Teso region with quality Christian education. While some of the current student body of around 240 comes from relatively privileged homes, many children live in marginalized families. About 10% of the students are unable to paid any school fees at all.

When Classrooms for Africa became involved in 2015 the school had some permanent classrooms up and running, but many were incomplete due to lack of funds. There was also the desperate need for more classroom space to cope with the current younger students and also for enrolment to grow.  The school is operated by a management committee which includes some educators and pastors from various local churches.

In 2016 the six incomplete classrooms were finished and in 2017 a new classroom block with administration rooms was built. Representatives from Classrooms for Africa were able to attend celebrations in 2017 and again in 2018, by which time the school was well established and now enrols over 395 students and offeres the full Nursery and Primary program from N1 through P7. Currently they have a need for dormitory accommodation for the students who live to far away to commute daily.





















 Soroti, Uganda