Migamba Hillside Nursery &  Primary School
Migamba Village, Kyegegwa District, Uganda

Project In Progress:

Three-classroom block

Local Contribution:

The parents and community came together to build the present temporary mud and stick buildings and have indicated they will help in every way possible to make permanent classrooms a reality, by brick-making and volunteer labour. 


Migamba Hillside Nursery and Primary School is located in the small village of Migamba, about 12 kilometers off the main Fort Portal - Kampala road approximately a two hours' drive from Fort Portal in Western Uganda.

In 2004 a pastor established a church on a piece of property he has purchased in Migamba Village. In 2005 the school was started and has expanded to over 450 students from the nursery grades through Grade 7.

All the classrooms and the church building are made of mud bricks and sticks with corrugated sheets for roofing. All the floors are dirt (mud in the rainy season) and the rooms are very small and over-crowded with very little light coming in through the small window openings.

Families from three different Ugandan tribal groups and other migrants have settled in the area - speaking many languages. Students come from a wide area around Migamba, in some cases walking many hours each day to and from school. The economy of the area is subsistence-based and most families live a hand-to-mouth existence. This makes if extremely difficult for the school as they are committed to helping as many children as possible irrespective of whether they can contribute school fees or not.

The pastor and church congregation are very committed to the support and success of the school. This was very evident on the two visits made by Classrooms for Africa representatives in 2017.









Migamba Village, Kyegegwa District, Uganda