Light of Christ Nursery and Primary School
Morobo, South Sudan

Project Completed:

2015 - Construction of four classrooms funded by donors from Western Canada


Light of Christ Nursery and Primary School is located in Gulumi, a Dinka community in the Morobo County of South Sudan near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, and not far from northern Uganda. It was started in 2011 by World Outreach Ministry Foundation U.S. with South Sudan Christian Outreach Ministries, which supports the communities and refugees affected by decades of fighting and instability. In addition to meeting people's basic needs, the ministry helps establish churches and schools. The school is situated on land owned by the organization. The school offers an education to students from three years to teens, the vast majority of whom have had very little or no formal education. The community is in a very economically depressed area, so most of the students have to be subsidized in order to receive schooling.


Morobo, South Sudan