Grace Pre-school
Katengeza Village, Dowa District, Malawi

Project Needing Funds:

A two-classroom block



Local Contribution:

Bricks and labour will be provided by the community


Grace Pre-school is part of the Grace Centre, a community improvement project in Katengeza Village in the Dowa District of Malawi, about 60 km from Lilongwe, the capital city, west of Lake Malawi. The Grace Centre aims to address the needs of the people in the impoverished area of Dowa in Malawi. It runs a boy's and girl's home, a community health education program, an agricultural program, a primary school, and a preschool.

Grace Centre is operated by Circle of Hope International, a faith-based community development organization which partners with groups in the USA, the Rotary Club International, and the Grace Alliance Church in Malawi.

The Grace Preschool started in April 2010 with 32 students. Although originally started for the children from the Grace Centre homes, it have opened its doors to children from the local community. Now over 300 students attend the school. Most of the students are still accommodated in temporary classrooms.























Katengeza Village, Dowa District, Malawi