Faith and Hope Community Christian School
Lusaka, Zambia

Status: Waiting for funds


Faith and Hope Christian Community School is located in Ngombe township near Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The land on which the buildings are situated is owned by the school and consists of 3 separate lots.

School information

IThe school has been in existence since September 2003 when it was started to provide quality Christian education to the vulnerable and orphaned children in the area. Today it serves over 715 students from K through Grade 12. It has a teaching staff of 20 teachers and 6 auxiliary staff. School divisions include pre-school, lower primary, upper primary, junior secondary and senior secondary. The school  is registered with the Ministry of Education in Zambia.

Building applied for

Application was made to Classrooms for Africa for a grant to help construct a science lab for the high school students, which is required by the MInistry of Education. Stone, sand and cement blocks will comprise the construction materials together with steel bars, terrazzo stones and iron roofing sheets.


Classrooms for Africa is looking to raise $30,000 towards the cost of the building with additional funds coming from other organizations.


Funds will be disbursed in installments as the project progresses through Classrooms for Africa representatives, who will also track the building and finances and provide updates.