Creamland Kindergarten School
Kampala, Uganda

Projects Completed: 

2016 - Completion of nine classrooms and landscaping funded by corporate donors from Western Canada

2017 - Construction of toilet block funded by corporate donors from Western Canada

Local Contribution: 

Volunteer labour from the school community


The school started in 2006 and serves the children of the Kireka slum where there are very few opportunities for schooling. The area is one of the poorest in Africa, being home to thousands of families from the north of Uganda displaced by the Lord's Resistance Army which ravaged that area from 1996 until very recently. Many of the refugees are Acholi women and children who were abused by these rebels before fleeing south.

It is operated by  Andrex Training and Care Organization, a not-for-profit which falls under the supervision of the local Catholic parish. The local community is very supportive of the school. Over 600 students are registered at Creamland which offers education from pre-kindergarten through grade 7. 

In 2015, representatives of Classrooms for Africa visited the school, toured the property, met with the leaders, and were entertained by the singing and dancing of the students. While very impressed by the efforts that were being made to serve the students, the buildings were incomplete, minimally furnished, and very crowded. In addition, the small site on which the school is built needed to be terraced and drained in order to cope with the rainy seasons. We are delighted a corporate donor from Alberta, Canada funded the now completed project.

























Kireka Area, Kampala, Uganda