Broadway Nursery & Primary School
Masaka, Uganda

Projects Completed: 

2016 - Girls' dormitory block funded by donors from Alberta, Canada

2015 - Four permanent classroom funded by donors from Alberta, Canada

2017 -  Nursery classrooms funded by donors from Alberta, Canada

2017 -  Boys' dormitory funded by donors from Alberta, Canada

Local Contribution: 

Volunteer labour and some building supplies


A local businessman was troubled by the number of orphans and disadvantaged children in his area who did not have the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. In 2012, he and other concerned people from the community formed a governing board and started the school, using two rented houses as accommodation. Today the number of students is well over 500 from the earliest kindergarten level (age 3) to grade 7. With the help of some donations they have been able to purchase a small piece of land and build a classroom block. Classrooms are very crowded, holding 80 or more students.

Over 200 of the students have been brought to them by social workers or by older siblings struggling to care for them as they have no parents. The school has decided not to turn these orphans away. After school hours they are housed in the director's house, where they are forced to sleep up to five children per mattress on the floor. These children are fed by the school and supplied with school uniforms. Not only is there a pressing need for more classroom space, but dormitory accommodation is also badly needed.

When Classrooms for Africa representatives visited the school in 2015, they were impressed by the quality of education the children were receiving and by the high standard of cleanliness and behaviour.






















Nyendo, Masaka District, Uganda