Aunt Elvi Mikkola Primary School
Rukungiri, Uganda

Projects Completed:

2011 - Construction of a four-classroom block funded by donors from Western Canada

2013 - Construction of an Early Childhood Education block funded by a donor from Western Canada

2014 - Construction of a library, multi-purpose room, kitchen, and administration office funded by a donor from Western Canada


Aunt Elvi Mikkola Primary school is located in the southwestern part of Uganda in the town of Rukungiri, not far from the Queen Elizabeth Park. The school was started in 2002 by a concerned local grandmother who saw how many children were not able to attend school. The faith-based school is now run by a registered non-profit society made up of parents and concerned community members. Currently the enrolment is approximately 300 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 7. The students come from very poor homes, many walking long distances each day to school.

In 2011, a four-classroom block was completed for senior primary students. In 2013, an Early Childhood Education building was completed to house the three nursery grades and a teachers' office/workroom. Efficient use of the donated funds allowed for the additional construction of six eco-toilets. In 2014, a new kitchen was built, as well as a building for administration, library, and multi-purpose space.







Rukungiri, Uganda