Amazing Grace Orphanage School
Kikerege, Uganda

Project in Progress: 

Completion of ten classrooms, an administration building and a toilet block

Local Contribution:

Volunteer labour and bricks

Projects Completed:

2013 - Two-classroom block funded by Cornerstone Christian school, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

2015 - A second two-classroom block funded by Cornerstone Christian school, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada


Amazing Grace Orphanage School is located in the village of Kikerege in the Luweero District of Uganda. It was started in 2004 by the Remnants Haven Ministries. The Pastor, Dickson Lubingo, is a teacher by profession and taught for several years before becoming a pastor. He found the children in the Kikerege village area to be lacking in basic education with very little exposure to Christian education. The existing buildings are situated on 1 acre of land owned by the school; additionally, the school has purchased 2.5 acres adjacent to the school for sports fields and to grow food for the children.

Amazing Grace School is registered by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and has an enrolment of well over 200 students in Kindergarten through Grade 7. All the students are from extremely poor homes and many are orphans. The original school buildings consisted of worn out wood and tin shacks.

In 2013, Cornerstone Christian School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, raised the funds to build two classrooms. The school still needs five more permanent classrooms.

They also have a pressing need for fresh water. The only water supply for the school is 1 km away from a swamp. The students have to walk there each day to fetch the water which is unsafe for drinking. They desperately need two water tanks so as to harvest rain water off the roofs of their two classroom blocks.

The school feeds their students a hot meal each day. Their food preparation area is a makeshift wood slat table and a grass-roofed shelter held up with wooden poles. Their pressing need, especially in wet weather, is for an enclosed kitchen space with secure storage.





















Kikerege Village, Luweero District, Uganda