Albert Valley High School
Karugutu, Uganda

Status: Phase one in progress. 
Phase two awaiting funding. 


Albert Valley High School is located near Karugutu town in the Ntoroko District of Western Uganda in a very remote area not far from Semliki National Park. One of very few schools in the area which offers any secondary level of education, It is run by the Rwenzori Community Development Trust.

School information

The school was started in 2009 and is situated on land purchased by the Trust. The 150 students enroled are aged 11 through 19 years of age in Grade 8 (S1) though Grade 11(S4). The are all very poor. Most had dropped their schooling because of the far distance to any secondary school aand high transportation costs and have been brought back to continue their education by Albert Valley College. The current "classrooms" consist of a makeshift wooden structure.

Building applied for

Phase one

Application was made to Classrooms for Africa for a grant to help fund the building of a four classroom block plus science lab, which will be constructed from brick, wood and iron roofing sheets. The local community is making bricks which they will donate to the project and will volunteer some labour. So far a brick office/storage room has been constructed (see photo on right).

Phase two

Application was made to Classrooms for Africa for a grant to help fund the building of a four-classroom block. Construction materials will once again be bricks made by the local community, wooden trusses, iron roofing sheets and metal doors and windows. The community will also donate whatever funds they can and volunteer their labour



The projected cost is expected to be $28,000 of which the community has already raised $5,000.


The projected cost is expected to be $28,000 or $7,000 per classroom.


Funds are disbursed by Classrooms for Africa's representative in Uganda who also tracks the project and provides updates.