Cornerstone High School
Okweta Village, Soroti District, Uganda

Projects in progress:

Four-classroom block

Local Contribution: 

Some of the labour and bricks were provided by the school community


In 2013 parents and church leaders established Okweta Primary school to help improve educational opportunities for the local children. Okweta Village is situated about 20 km from the town of Soroti in North East Uganda. The region is gradually recovering from many years of destabilization due to rebel activity and conflict which left the area impoverished.  With the help of donors from Western Canada, Classrooms for Africa was able to fund the construction of a complete primary school including classrooms, offices, a kitchen and a rain-water harvesting system.

The area lacks a high school and so in 2018 the community came together to start a high school to be know as Cornerstone High School. The school is located on the edge of Okweta village on land donated by the local village elders.

In 2018 the school enrolled 20 students in S1 and S2 (grade 8 and 9). It is anticipated enrollment in 2019 will exceed 120 students. The high school will serve graduates from Okweta Primary School as well as other young people from the surrounding area. Currently classes are held in a temporary facility in the village while the first block of four classrooms is being completed.






















Okweta Village, Soroti District, Uganda