Tirrim Nomadic Primary School
Korr, Kenya

Status: Phase 1-2: Complete
Phase three: awaiting funds


Tirrim Nomadic Primary School is located in northern Kenya near the town of Korr. The area is semi-desert and the environment extremely harsh.

School information

The school offers education up to Grade 3 to the children of the semi-nomadic Rendille people. It was one of several nursery schools in the area which did not have any facilities or protection from harsh climate conditions. Since the first Classrooms for Africa project completed in 2009,there has been huge demand for the education offered at the schoool and the student population has grown exponentially. Classrooms for Africa provided a second grant to build a three classroom wing in 2011 and now needs to complete the project by adding a second classroom and admin wing. In 2013 Classrooms for Africa donors sponsored the building of a three-classroom block and toilets for the Tirrim Primary School, not to be confused with the Nomadic School. It is also run by the African inland Church. This school offers education from Nursery to Grade 7.

Building applied for


In 2009 Classrooms for Africa provided a grant through donations from an ACSI school in Western Canada to build a large roofed structure of metal and cement to house the students and provide protection from the heat, sun and harsh environment


Thanks to donors in Western Canada in February 2011 more funds were granted to build a 3 classroom wing to house grades 1 through 3, plus toilet facilties and a staff/storage room.

Phase Three

Plans are to build another classroom wing to the existing school building which will include space for teachers and administration.



Expected cost will be $35,000.


Funds will be disbursed and the project organized and monitored by the Africa Inland Mission.